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per Month

  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • Basic Hyper-V Management
  • 24x7 Server Monitoring & Response
  • Server Security
  • Master and Slave virtualizor servers Setup
  • Managing and Monitoring VPS Resources
  • LVM setup and configuration
  • Supported slaves Openvz, Xen and KVM
  • automated deployment of VMs
  • Network bridging with natting
  • Master server management
  • Slave server management
  • VPS backup & restoration
  • VPS creation, customization and reboots
  • WHMCS integration enabled
  • VM’s advance security installations


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for High-Performance Computing (HPC)
The Red Hat Enterprise Linux for HPC server is a robust platform that helps scientific users cope with demanding workloads by deploying systems clusters. Red Hat Enterprise Linux clusters are inexpensive, easy to implement and support hardware scalability.

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for HPC, the user can:
Simplify deployment with a lightweight clustering option. Customize the platform for your environment. Minimize points of failure and security vulnerabilities. Simplify management activities.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power includes add-ins and versions of user packages for IBM Power Systems hardware and firmware. Deploy applications securely with the advanced capabilities of IBM Power Systems and the consistency and flexibility of the industry-leading Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating platform.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power:
Give your IT organization hardware flexibility for workloads and use cases ranging from big data analysis to cloud computing. It supports the latest features of IBM Power Systems, including the big and small endian modes. Enable efficient operations and increase IT staff productivity by standardizing the operating system without architecture.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for real-time
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real-Time is an IT platform dedicated to time-based applications and urgent workloads. Using a specialized version of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 kernel optimized for consistent low latency response times, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real-Time maintains the reliability, scalability, and performance of the leading Linux platform.

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux in real time: –
minimize potential variations in application performance by planning and increasing performance. Enjoy the stability and maturity of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Get full application compatibility with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux standard.

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