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Switzerland Dedicated Server
Switzerland is an Alpine country, home to the world's highest mountains, lakes and vast plains. Its major cities include Geneva, Lausanne and Basel. Its tourism venues include ski resorts, sailing, motorway cruising, motorbike touring, lake gliding, dog sledding, hiking and white water rafting. Finance and banking are key industries, as Swiss watches and chocolate rank high on the consumer importance index.

Switzerland Dedicated servers are one of the more expensive options for web hosting, but they have many important features and benefits. There are three basic types of dedicated servers: unmanaged, dedicated, and collocation. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it's important to know which type is right for your needs before investing. If you're new to web hosting, then a Managed dedicated server may be the best option.

A Switzerland dedicated server is typically a Client's best bet for a business that needs a lot of bandwidth and high-speed access to the Internet. The most common reasons that a business would want to use a dedicated server are security, reliability, and performance. This is because a dedicated server is literally all of your business information located in your own computer.

One of the biggest advantage associated with using Switzerland Dedicated Servers is providing full support for all aspects of network and technical infrastructure. Even though you're purchasing your Dedicated Server as a service, this is still an ongoing process. When you purchase Switzerland Dedicated Servers, you receive root access to your hardware or access to the software.

For this reason, most businesses that use Dedicated Servers prefer to contract with a Switzerland managed hosting service that specializes in offering dedicated servers. This ensures that your business has the ability to focus on running the business and will not have to worry about the day-to-day management of your Dedicated Server. Managing and securing your Dedicated Server is only the responsibility of the provider that you choose to work with. The managed hosting services will provide the necessary resources and expertise necessary to effectively maintain, upgrade, and implement server provisioning, configuration, monitoring, security, and maintenance procedures that best meet your business' needs.

Switzerland Dedicated Servers also provide more bandwidth capacity than traditional dedicated servers, making them ideal for businesses that require high amounts of bandwidth but are tight on money. Dedicated Server providers offer guaranteed bandwidth up to the amount of bandwidth allowed by their server's specifications. Additionally, many Dedicated Server providers include automatic tuning of the disk size of your website as needed to prevent traffic slowing down. These features make Dedicated Servers ideal for high-traffic websites that need the benefits of a fast, consistent Internet connection. Dedicated Servers also allow you to control the level of access given to your website, giving you the ability to customize your website's level of access from users with various levels of access.
Data Center at and IP based at Zurich
Customize Server Very Powerful performance cPanel Plesk WHM SSH RDP Root Access
Dedicated IP Free Setup Custom OS Install network uptime guarantee (99.99%).
Linux security and hardening Kernel patch updates Security updates installation Server migration
Unlimited ticket, emails and chat support rDNS setup CSF Firewall Secure Datacenter
24/7 support Scalable Hardware Managed/Un Managed Server DDoS Protection
Premium Network Restore Server Failure Reboot Access Daily/ondemand backup
IPMI Access Disk mirroring SSD / HDD Bitcoin Payment

Affordable - Cheap Switzerland Dedicated Managed Unmanaged hosting server provider




per Month

  • RAM 8 GB
  • Internet Port Speed 1Gbps
  • Bandwidth 10 TB
  • IPv4 - One
  • Raid Controller - Available



per Month

  • RAM 16 GB
  • Internet Port Speed 1Gbps
  • Bandwidth 20 TB
  • IPv4 - One
  • Raid Controller - Available



per Month

  • RAM 16 GB
  • Internet Port Speed 1Gbps
  • Bandwidth 20 TB
  • IPv4 - One
  • Raid Controller - Available



per Month

  • RAM 16 GB
  • Internet Port Speed 1Gbps
  • Bandwidth 20 TB
  • IPv4 - One
  • Raid Controller - Available



per Month

  • RAM 16 GB
  • Internet Port Speed 1Gbps
  • Bandwidth 20 TB
  • IPv4 - One
  • Raid Controller - Available
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TheServerHost Dedicated Server Hosting:

Pick Up the right Hosting Provider
Server are the backbone of any Business. So a reliable hosting provider who provide guarantee Uptime and timely support is important. We at TheServerHost take complete responsibility for providing Instant support and Premium resource and regular backups each and every time all days. IP transit service, fantastic QOS, Private Vlan enabled to ensure network security and business privacy.
1) Server port speed is 1Gbps/2Gbps/5Gbps/10Gbps/20gbps Dedicated in full duplex
2) NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD dedicated Bare Metal server with VNC Console
3) Lease / Rent Metered and Unmetered satisfactory Dedicated single tenant Servers with cloud computing
4) Latest Processor - Xeon Quad Core, Hexa Core, Octa Core, etc, Unlimited Bandwidth, 99.99% uptime, Firewall, full root access for custom installation, Unique dedicated IP address, lighting Fast Speed Dedicated Server, IPMI support, Anti-DDoS protection, massive memory, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, DAAS etc.
5) Experts in Customize Server Configuration with 24/7 instant Quality support.
6) Fully managed Switzerland Dedicated server web hosting, unmanaged Switzerland dedicated server, Switzerland colocation dedicated Server services, Linux and windows Switzerland dedicated servers.
7) Our Switzerland dedicated server hosting is customizable and end to end colocation data center solutions at very affordable cheap and low cost for powerful performance with low latency, and an estimated of 0.01% packet loss rate across the network ideal for heavy computation, heavy traffic website, Large E- Commerce sites,VOIP, game applications, CRM system.

Design for Performance
Our Dedicated Server were designed to provide you with blazing fast speed with high premium bandwidth ideal for heavy duty computation, heavy traffic website, Large E commerce sites. All our Hardware and Network system are of top grade and premium quality from vendors like Dell. Hp etc.

Private Networking
With our private networking feature connect your server with your own intranet or any other cloud network and use it without any other connection with outside world.

Network Stability:
All your project and website are hosted on solo server architecture this will enable you to get optimal network and memory usage enable you run your mission critical applications.

Secure Data Center
We adhere to CMM level 5 security system for your server secured with security staff, visitor screening, two-factor authentication scanners, and recorded CCTV video surveillances power cooling, fire suppression and security are looked after by a central management system.

Cost Effective
A budgeted costing without compromising the Quality of service is always a prime consideration point of any company to keep the expense in control and make a profitable ROI. We understand this and all our plan is Affordable with premium service.

24/7 Support
An expert and instant Quality support system is our strength and motive. 27/7 365 days our experts will love to attend you. Feel the difference with expert opinion from first support call itself.

RDP SSH Root Access:
Your Server Install any software and use it your way with complete root RDP SSH access. We are there with you every step to support with powerful hardware, guarantee Uptime and expert support.

Additional Services:
We offer you with array of additional services like Bill Software, CMS, CDN, CRM. Support Management, Client Management etc.

Dedicated Server Features

Powerful Servers

Equipped with latest intel Hardware and storage system will give you impactfull performance. Our State of art data center will keep you up and running under any extreme scenario.

Firewall Protection for Host Application

We take security very seriously. Our firewall provide you with complete prevention against network, transport, and application level DDoS attack.

Operating System

red hat enterprise Linux - Ubantu - Windows standard and r2 (2008, 2012, 2016, 2019) - CentOS - Unix - Solaris - opensuse - MAC OS - Kabantu - Fedora - Unity - Cloud Linux - RHEL - Debian - Slackware - Rockstor - YaST - Citrix Xenserver - ESXI - FreeBSD - VMWare - scientific - suse - vyatta - vsphere - parallel cloud server - routeros

Dedicated and Multiple IP

Get a dedicated IP with additional IPs. Also option to get more IP. Get in touch with us with Support Call

Control Panel

cPanel - Plesk - ISPConfig - DirectAdmin - Ajenti- OpenPanel - EHCP - Kloxo - ZPanel - ispCP - VHCS - Webmin - RavenCore - Virtualmin - DTC - InterWorx - BlueOnyx - Froxlor - ISPmanager - VestaCP - ZoPanel - Sentora - CentOS web panel - WebsitePanel

SSH Root Access

Full Root Access. Full RDP / SSH access. Build your own server with required software. Its very simple only minor technical Knowledge required.

Database and Framework

Microsoft sql server Express 2014 - 2016 - 2017 - 2019 , My SQL, PHP, Perl, Apache, .net, Microsoft visual studio, ASP, NGINX

Server Management

We Provide support for both Managed and UnManaged server. Expert quality instant support system. It is best for File Server, Game Server, Web Hosting, Intranet, Application Server, Android Apps Server, IOS Application, Gaming Software, Online Tally, Vici dialer Application, E-Commerce Website, and multiple CMS, Video encoding, remote record stockpiling, DNS, VPN, Voice Service, Proxy, Minecraft etc.

No Setup Fee or Contract

All set up are free of cost only pay hardware and software rent with no contract and cancel any time with no additional formalities.

Dedicated Server - FAQ

Server delivered immediately. The set up will require 2 hours to 24 hours. RDP access, control panel access, OS installation, migration, custom software installation all done by us.

One Single static IP address will be provided. Please raise a support request for addtional IP

No from our end there is no limitation. You can host any number of site as per your resource.

Yes, you will be offering with full root access with your dedicated server hosting account. Once your account is setup with any best Dedicated Server hosting provider, you get Root Access.

You should be capable of installing anything you wish, since you get full access to the entire server. In case you have any specific needs Please raise a support request.

Yes, Just raise a support request and upgrade your hardware like Disk, Ram etc

Yes you can please raise a support request we can help you best configuration.

We support both.
Managed VPS : We take care of Installing/updating OS, installing software, software updates, security etc
unManaged VPS : your complete responsibilty

We support Hardware based RAID and also software based RAID if you require.

we provide affordable backup storage option. Also our FTP backup storage is RAID6 protected and monitored in-house.

Yes, that is absolutely possible.

We will provide you with high level of protection our VPS server were partitioned with highest precesion by software We also provide advance DDoS protection by BitNinja so we assure you with 100% security

There is no contract period.

This will generally not happen as we moniter all the hardware of failure. But in extreme case we will replace it in next 2 hours.

We always monitor each system if found any server lost connectivity it will check it immediately by our support team.

Yes we follow all DMCA notice. Notice will be forwarded to client and client has to remove copy right content from the website.

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