Different Types of hosting

Web hosting is like a special computer that gives a home to many of the servers at the same time. It can serve the servers in the best way possible. If a domain is your house then web hosting is a place in your house where one keeps the things.
Web hosting allows organizations or individuals to post their data on computers. If any internet user wants to look into your web page all they do is write your domain and hosting on their server and all the information present on your computer gets delivered to them and they can access your data by the servers present on their browser.
To own hosting it is necessary to have a domain. So, if you have purchased any hosting from any company and you don't have a domain, the company will provide you with one or will ask you to have one by yourself. Online presence of your website requires a web hosting service and the web hosting providers take care of all your data. Web hosting companies give you various benefits like 24/7 technician presence to serve their client in the best possible way. It makes sure that businesses run by making it a time-saver. It also provides services like Email accounts, FTP file uploads, WordPress access, website building tools, websites, and database.
There is always a necessity to purchase a web hosting when your business is taking a boost along with the domain.
There are various types of web hosting and each web hosting has a different purpose to serve. You can always buy a hosting according to the purpose you want it to serve. Let's dig in to know more about them.
Shared Hosting:
Shared hosting is like your first friendship with any person, and then you start trusting on that person which means you start putting all your documents in that hosting. It is the entry-level hosting in which you will share a common server with many other websites.
It means your data can be accessed by another person also. As you all access the same resources available like RAM (Random Access Memory) and CPU (Central Processing Units). And because of these shared functions, your hosting cost comes to be very low. So, many small businesses, startups, working from home people who wish to write blogs, etc. They can buy these hosting plans as the most reliable tool. Benefits that are offered include WordPress access, email accessibility to mail clients. If you have a small group of people visiting your website then shared hosting will work wonders but if the group increases it will show negative results as many people share it and all have their resources as well on the server. It depends upon the hosting company with how many people they will share the server.
The price of shared hosting can start at 50- 500 INR per month.

Virtual Private Server(VPS):
It is the middle way between dedicated servers and shared hosting. If anyone wants to have their control over the server to be more secure but do not want to opt for dedicated hosting then they can go for VPS hosting. It is unique as it shares a physical server with other users but it has its own space to launch each website. Although it has its control unlike shared hosting because of the common server it may lead to some errors at a time. We can understand it as a dedicated CPU divided into other sub machines or virtual machines storing data and if suppose you have 16 GB RAM in your CPU we can create 8 sub machines from there and allocate 2 GB RAM to each submachine. And then this submachine or virtual machine will be allotted to the people as a server.
The price of a Virtual Private Server can start at 2000Rs-10,000 Rs per month.

Dedicated server hosting:
It is the best friend of the business owner. That goes hand in hand with their business. It offers the best control to business owners over the server which stores their websites. It is exclusively the server for their business with greatest security offered.
The price of dedicated hosting starts at 7000- 20000 INR per month.
These are the major type and most used web hostings. That allows your business to grow from the root level to the flourishing business. Buy it according to the need and size of your business and see a blooming growth.